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Hotel Information

Blue villa Anabuki Hotel

They offer a terrace where you can relax in front of Japan’s clearest stream, “Anabuki River,” nurtured by the Shikoku Mountains, an open-air view of the river where you can enjoy a skin-beautifying bath, and kaiseki cuisine where you can taste the flavors of the season. You can relax and enjoy the blessings of the river and the gentleness of the earth as the time passes slowly.
Location: 1 Kuchiyama-Maruyama, Anabuki-cho, Mima City

Business Hotel “Matsuka”

The interior of the hotel, which uses many natural materials, is a stylish yet relaxing space. The lobby with a wood-burning stove makes guests feel at home, and there is a choice of Japanese or Western breakfast, as well as a light morning meal. The menu changes daily, so it’s also recommended for guests who stay a few nights in a row. The hotel has a reasonably priced and casual atmosphere, making it easy to stay.
Location: 153-1 Shimominami, Oaza Inoshiritatejinja, Wakimachi, Mima City

Business Hotel “Inada-en”

Great access! It is located 1km from the Wakimachi Interchange (on Route 193), making it the base for business and tourism in Tokushima, Takamatsu and Kochi! They are proud of bright and clean rooms and sincere hospitality, making for a comfortable stay.
Location: 1001-1 Haibara, Wakimachi, Mima City


Guest house Yamamoto-ya

The inn is located in Fuchimyo, Anabuki, Mima City, disignated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, where you can experience the untouched landscape of “agriculture”, “food”, and “life”. Why don’t you spend your time while enjoying the calm and easygoing atmosphere of the countryside?
Location: 385 Fuchina, Kuchiyama, Anabuki-cho, Mima City


Auto campground ”Shikoku saburou no sato”

An auto campground overlooking the Yoshino River where you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors. A total of 80 sites, including 10 cottages, can accommodate about 360 people, and everything from tents to mountain bikes can be rented for outdoor use.
Location: 39-10 Sakakime, Mima City, Mima Town



cottage “Mimuraga-oka”

Why not enjoy the nature and life in the countryside with spectacular scenery of Mimura ga Oka at an altitude of 500m, savor the joy of harvesting experience at the farmland, and learn how to make vine and bamboo crafts, or soba and udon noodles with the help of the local people.
Location: 18 Aza Higashiotani, Wakimachi, Mima City


The hut on the top of mt.Tsurugi

You can take a bath at an altitude of 1.930m and see the sea of clouds, the sunrise, the starry sky and the Seto Inland Sea when the weather is fine.
Location: 570 Aza Kawai Kake, Koyadaira, Mima City



Hut hotel “Ichino-mori”

It is located in Ichinomori (1.879m above sea level), 1.5km east of the summit of Mt.Tsurugi. The view from here is amazing, with the natural beauty of the Japanese white pines and withered trees, the sunrise and the view of Mt.Tsurugi.
Location: 571 Aza Kawakami Kake 571, Koyadaira, Mima City

Accommodation facility “Yamanto no sato”

This accommodation facility was built by renovating a closed school. The people who live in the Asan Mountains are called “Yamantos” (mountain people), and they live everyday while making use of nature. Why don’t you spend your time with the “mountain people” by experiencing agriculture, forestry, and pizza making in a place with such abundant nature?
Location: 26-3, Sarugauchi, Mima-cho, Mima City

Hotel “Waki-plaza”

They have a variety of rooms for one night to medium to long term, in the style of a friend or acquaintance’s home. The hotel is convenient for business trips, sightseeing and long term stays from one person to a group.