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Restaurant information


Recommended menu
Soba rice porridge  1,000Yen
Cafe         400yen

Located in front of the Yoshida family residence in the streets of Udatsu.
You can enjoy local cuisine in the building about 100 years ago.


Recommended menu
cooked rice    1,200Yen
Curry and rice    1,200Yen
Chicken nanban   1,200Yen

We use local chicken from Tokushima prefecture(AWAODORI) for all menus.
You can eat and drink in the renovated building of the old storehouse.

Udatsu Sabou

You can choose from two types of menu, fish and local chicken lunch.
Fish lunch        1,100Yen
chicken lunch   1,100Yen

All are handmade using local ingredients.
There are also handmade sweets and Awabancha(local tea).