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  3. The Mokugyo-ya,(a fishing pond)

The Mokugyo-ya,(a fishing pond)

Located in Koyadaira, Mima City, upstream of the Anabuki River, this is a fishing pond where you can fish for Amego (Amago).
Known as the “queen of mountain streams” and longed for by anglers, the Amego is easy to catch, not only for those who love to fish, but also for children.
Fishing is available throughout the year, but in the summer you can also enjoy playing in the Anabuki River which flows beside the pond.
Fee (including rental rod and bait): 3,000 yen
You can take home up to 1kg of Amego. (Approx. 15-20 fish)

What is “Amego”?

It is a mountain stream fish characterized by the red spots on its flank, and its flesh is thin and salmon pink like salmon. The meat is thin and pink like salmon. It has a slight odor of river fish, but it has a light and pleasant taste that even people who don’t like river fish can enjoy.



BBQ terrace

You can enjoy BBQ on the BBQ terrace next to the fishing pond. You can enjoy the salt grilled freshly caught Amego, and of course, the BBQ in the nature is excellent.
We ask you to bring your own food (meat, vegetables, sauce, etc.), drinks and tableware.
BBQ Terrace usage fee: 1,500 yen
1kg of charcoal: 300 yen